DEE-GEAYS is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for Digitalizing Non-formal Education.

DEE-GEAYS stands for: "Digital Education Era - Global citizenship Education for Activating Youth online Space", a strategic partnership project financed by the ANG (Italian National Agency for Youth) thanks to Erasmus+ programme.


We aim to create a fun online space for Non-formal Education with the learners in mind.  This online space will become a major hub for NFE educators to create and run various courses.  Starting with Global Citizenship Education focusing on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)!

Why GCE and SEL?

Global Citizenship is more important than ever. We believe that focusing on the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), a sub-domain of GCE, offers today the most relevant response to the needs of the youth across the globe.

"While the world may be increasingly interconnected, human rights violations, inequality and poverty still threaten peace and sustainability"

The concept of Global Citizenship is under the main gun-sight of upcoming socioeconomic global crisis and it is important to anticipate that promoting global solidarity shall become the priority of the centralized efforts of the youth work sector, along with this we might need to review the frameworks and methods for GCE.

The Framework of Global Citizenship Education (GCE)

In terms of the new methodological frameworks for GCE that generally is built on 3 levels: cognitive, behavioural and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) whereas we consider the latest (SEL education) offers today the most relevant response to the needs of the youth across the globe who had to cope with the isolation.

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

SEL involves the development of skills that facilitate learners’ emotional welfare and successful interactions with others, ability to cope with stress, manage own emotions and understand emotions of others  – we consider this is the essential dimension of the GCE be tackled in current contexts in order to build global solidarity throughout first of all supporting personal emotional well-being of youths after pandemics.