Who we are

The idea behind this project was born as a synergy of previous initiatives of the partnership and needs to provide an innovative response towards alarming environmental challenges along with the sudden, rapid and irreversible social challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, we already were looking for some dynamic online solutions for youth work in order to reduce unessential travel and help the planet; when pandemic hit and we no longer had time to waste: either we could find a way to reach young people online or we were screwed.

While discussing with peer organizations the obstacles we all met during pandemic on our way to reach young people, we could see that the given circumstances brought a "hot-button" switch of the traditional educational frameworks, both for formal and non-formal educationwe had to find new and creative solutions to reach young people.

This project, following European priorities in the field of youth, was focused on developing the "innovative practices in the digital era". We wanted to create a platform for online learning and we decided to make our first content dedicated to the Global Citizenship Education (GCE).

What do we understand by GCE? GCE is a transformative, lifelong pursuit that involves both curricular learning and practical experience to shape a mindset to care for humanity and the planet, and to equip individuals with global competence to undertake responsible actions aimed at forging more just, peaceful, secure, sustainable, tolerant and inclusive societies.

And hence 7 organizations from 6 countries working together for the common goal: to create online space for Non-Formal Education. Sounds exciting?

Get to know the team

Associazione INCO, an Italian NGO and the project coordinator for DEE-GEAYS, has been working for more than 10 years in the field of international mobility, volunteering, and non-formal education. Thanks to the activities they have coordinated, hundreds of young people have had the opportunity to acquire new skills, develop personally and professionally.

Associazione Inco Molfetta, is an Italian NGO and a youth organization, born in 2016, thanks to a group of members moving to Apulia region after several years of mobility experience abroad. The aim of the association is to promote and support mobility abroad, contacts, exchanges and meetings at international level; mutual tolerance and intercultural sensitivity among young people and adults; to support the unformal process of European integration in the local community. In addition InCo-Molfetta activities are addressed to create intercultural abilities and non-formal competences for all the participants. Young people can turn to InCo and develop a personal idea, passion or project. In the last 2 year a webradio has been created by a group of member.

Association for European Cooperation, Development and Communication (CODECvzw), a Belgian NGO, is a youth organization with a very experienced professionals working to promote European policies and values to improve the economical and social well-being of people across the world. CODEC vzw works to take an idea and disseminate among the protagonists and empower them to get actively involved using design thinking, non-formal education and technology.

Danish Youth Team is a non-profit organization with an international background, targeting youngsters from all across Denmark. Their aim is to involve both youngsters and students into various international projects in order to expand their horizon in matter of knowledge and interpersonal skills. They try to reach this aim by engaging young people in inter-cultural learning through non-formal education, promoting human rights, fostering youth participation and through improving the competences (digital, technological and entrepreneurial competences) of youths.

Association for research, education and development Marketing Gate, a North Macedonian Not for Profit NGO, has a vision of the world without economic borders, human rights respected and a world without discrimination. The organization tries to realize these goals through various projects that deal with social entrepreneurship, sustainable development all within the non-formal educational method.

KERIC is a non-profit non-governmental organization working mainly with children and youth aged 4-30 as well as adults. They offer a wide range of activities with an extra added international dimension which develops the personality of children and youth and differs based on the needs of participants. With the mission is to connect our region Kysuce with Europe and the whole world.

Xul Foundation aims to develop actions of communication for social change and drive social transformation processes that promote environmental and social sustainability, contributing to the collective and participatory construction of a plural, just society, and solidarity.