Throughout the project lifetime we worked hard to learn ourselves, exchange our visions and various experiences and hence create the most useful and interesting things for young learners. We started with a research on the existing methods for global citizenship education and social emotional learning (IO1): if you are looking for a manual that gives you a clear and comprehensive instruction on how to guide young people towards these two exciting themes, please feel free to read online or download our joint desk research We are very proud of the result and sincerely hope it will be useful and inspiring for you.

We complemented this research with a profound desk research on the existing methods for learning digitalization and how to be efficient while reaching young people online (IO2). This document represents an overview of the states of art in the partners’ countries in terms of the learning digitalization, catalog of useful methods, tools and platforms that you can easily use yourself while digital.

During another important phase of our project, basing on the knowledge we got throughout the desk researches, we created a methodology for global citizenship education with a focus on social emotional learning (IO3): this methodology is unique, innovative and brings together all the capitalized knowledge and skills we as partnership got thanks to DEE-GEAYS. Our moodle course is based on this methodology: we encourage you to register for the course and get through it yourself; however, if you prefer learning through reading or need the materials with more theoretical input, feel free to surf through, download and use our methodology pdf from this page.

Here you can also enjoy our podcast playlist: each of the partners recorded a podcast bringing their own voice and vision. In podcast 0 you can learn of the origins of the project and why we wanted to create this platform. Enjoy!

Podcast 0 from Italy - Introduction to the course and why we decided to do this project

Podcast 1 from Macedonia - Introduction to Global Citizenship Education

Podcast 2 from Slovakia - Introduction to Social Emotional Learning

Podcast 3 from Belgium - Activating the Personal Self

Podcast 4 from Denmark - Deepening the Personal Self

Podcast 5 from Spain - Global solidarity