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Associazione INCO, an Italian NGO and the project coordinator for DEE-GEAYS, has been working for more than 10 years in the field of international mobility, volunteering, and non-formal education. Thanks to the activities they have coordinated, hundreds of young people have had the opportunity to acquire new skills, develop personally and professionally.

It is the project coordinator for DEE-GEAYS


Informal learning refers to the learning in daily life activities, in work, with peers, etc. It is mainly learning by doing, is not organised or structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support; and it may be unintentional from the learner's perspective. In the youth sector, informal learning can take place in youth initiatives, in peer group discussions, through voluntary activities and in a variety of other situations. 

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An activity that results in tangible and meaningful outcomes such as publications and course materials. 

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The joint desk research is dedicated to the existing Global citizenship education methods and best practices with particular focus on social-emotional learning, as one of its dimensions. 

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The joint desk research is dedicated to the concept of NFE digital education and digitization around the globe and especially the partner countries. 

DeeGeays IO2


Labs that are the key activities on national levels and allow engaging 15 people from each country in a blended mix of creative non-formal and informal activities during 5 full day meetings on GCE-SEL followed by a complex group debriefing on potential digitalization of the methods using the research from IO1 and IO2. 

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